A Change of Perspective

Written by Dr. Charles Edwards I recently read the book entitled Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, written by brothers Chip and Dan Heath. At first I was dismissive and (self-righteously) thought the authors should meet our Memory Center families if they wanted to catch a glimpse of people being faced with Read More

A few words from Memory Center Charlotte’s new physician, Dr. Aris Chaconas

I watched firsthand as Alzheimer’s disease forced my grandmother to put up a noble fight, and I saw my father-in-law face the same challenges. When I decided upon neurology as my profession, I knew Alzheimer’s disease would be frequently encountered. Early in my career I discovered that neurologists were very good at diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, Read More

A Gift Worth Giving

This holiday season give yourself the GIFT of making the most of celebrating with your loved one with dementia.   G– Give your visitors the opportunity to spend time with your loved one by having an assigned “buddy” to guide your family member during a celebration. This is comforting, especially if the buddy uses a Read More

Looking Beyond Retirement: Planning for the 4th Quarter

Many patients are faced with a challenging transition following retirement, and planning for this inevitable time in our lives is often overlooked. While most prepare financially for retirement, and many plan for the end of their life by filling out living wills, health care power of attorney paperwork, etc., little thought is often given to Read More

A Confession

Anyone associated with Memory Center Charlotte (MCC), as a patient, caregiver or professional, knows we are obsessed with medications. Documenting the dosages and timing and then going the extra step to ensure that the patient is actually taking them is a major safety concern of all involved at MCC. I admit to being overbearing with Read More

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